10 Proven Plans for Successful Personal Development

Plans for Successful Personal Development

A personal development plan is a process of defining what you want to achieve, the strength and things you need to improve and develop in order to achieve your goals. It is important to have a plan prior to making any step in life to avoid frustration.

Personal development planning involves goal-setting, creating an action plan based on awareness, development within the context of a career, reflection and relationship for self-improvement.

Developing yourself as a person may seem hopeless at times. However, to become successful in personal development, it is crucial that you have a plan to assist you.

That is why we have structures these 10 steps plan to guide and assist you for successful personal development.

  1. Set Goals

Set goals and begin the process of reaching them. Have a clear vision of yourself and plan on achieving it. Know your aims in life and set goals that will keep you directed without lacking focus.

What are your goals? People usually think about how to develop themselves without having defined goals.

If you fall into this category, you are definitely not going to have a successful personal development.

You have to set out not less than 10 goals you want to accomplish in life. Goal setting is the major point to consider when planning a successful personal development plan.

  1. Get rid of any negativity in your life

For successful personal development, you have to get rid of anything that looks negative in your life.

Think and act positively. Stay in touch with positive people. By getting rid of your negativity you turn your problems into challenges.

Make a list of negative words that you use often and turn them into positive words.

Think about your positive qualities, rather than your negative. For a successful personal development don’t concentrate on flaws, rather concentrate on what you can do and begin to work on them.

Always think of your positive qualities and go with that because thinking of negative qualities brings you down.

  1. Prioritize your goals

What do I mean by prioritizing your goals? I mean you ought to determine the order for dealing with the goals which you have set in step 1 above, according to their relative importance.

Make a list of what you want to accomplish and make sure you achieve something each day as it develops you daily.

Now that you have a goal which is an overall intention that helps you to prioritize your time and energy, you need to align your goals according to the order of priorities.

The most important becomes the key goal, focus on it and begin to work on it immediately.

Pick the most important among your defined goals so as to optimize your life towards what you want. You have already listed what you want, select the areas of focus and direct your interest them first.

When you list out your goals according to priorities, you will get to be more focus on what matters and less-hurried over random things pulling your attention.

Additionally, you have the peace of mind from the assurance that you are on the right track, doing the things that really matter.

  1. Improve your energy

Energy is not negligible when we talk of personal development. Working towards your plans requires your time and energy. If you have the time but not fit, how then can you achieve it?

You have to ensure that your body helps to drive forward in accomplishing what you plan instead of holding you back.

Optimize your mental and physical energy in order to make it through your days – even the ones that seem to be really tough.

Cultivate your mental and physical energy with a healthy meal, quality sleep; regular exercise and lifestyle change.

With these, you will always be able to achieve it. People overlook this point without knowing that it is more fundamental – think of what happens when you are not mentally and physically sound.

  1. A self-imposed deadline is necessary

Setting up a self-imposed target will make you not to feel more relaxed about the goals.

This is what happens most times in our lives; you schedule to get something done by the weekend but it quickly turns into end of next month, which again turns into the end of the year. If you don’t work with a deadline appropriately, it extends to the next year.

However, when you set goals and put down a deadline for yourself, it will make you stick to the goal in order not to exceed the time.

It is possible that the chance of success may not come if don’t know when you want to achieve your goals.

Setting a realistic timeframe for your goal makes you be serious about it and more committed that you will really accomplish it.

Instead of focusing on obstacles that could come along the line, why not think of how great you will feel when you get the result.

It is better to make a plan success and give yourself a deadline when you want it to manifest, instead of sitting at a place to declare that you will be a millionaire someday.

  1. Know your strength

Discovering what you are good at is one of the most successful ways to develop yourself. While planning on developing yourself know what your passion is and stick to it.

Understand what your strengths are; write down which of the strength can help you to accomplish what you have planned.

It is necessary for your confidence to be aware of your strengths so that you don’t embark on projects you will never finish.

Everyone is good at something and have strength in some specific areas of life. Our strengths differ from one another, that is why you have to understand yours, mainly your key strengths.

You can easily understand your strength by conducting your own SWOT analysis; look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Again, think about what you enjoy and equally what you do not. Ask for regular feedback from a peer group or family.

  1. Gain a career direction

If your life seems out of control, visit a career counselor to get support. A career counseling session can help a person to explore skills and strengths as well as determine interests and personality type.

Career direction is the basic strategy involved in your career path. Direction will show you the path to follow to achieve your goals, instead of accepting things that are contrary to your career development.

Personal development planning is your individual strategy in creating an action plan and directing your efforts to become what you have planned; it helps you to achieve your career aspirations.

  1. Develop new skill

To stay one step ahead of the crowd and progress in your career, it is very important to develop new skills and attributes.

Personal development is centred on how to move from the place where you are now to your dream place.

One of the successful ways to move ahead to the next stage in your career is to learn new skills. For you to gain something, you need to give out something.

You have to identify the skills you want to develop clearly. Then follow a regular schedule that specifically focuses on building those skills.

Once you have identified the skill you want to learn, develop a plan for building it and possibly invest quality resources for learning those skills.

  1. Create a schedule

It is necessary to set a schedule to follow your plan of action in achieving a successful personal development plan.

Create a special time table for the goals you have stated earlier according to your goal. Know which one requires much time and attention.

When you have a scheduled linked to your plans, it will ease you the stress and daily confusion on when to practice or not.

An effective schedule for your daily actions leads to maximum success.

A schedule helps you to take a log of how long it takes you to complete each of your daily routine plans. It should be part of your routine so as to keep you on the track and organized always.

  1. Evaluate your progress

Evaluating your progress involves critical examination and analyzing information about your plan’s activities and their outcomes.

The purpose of doing this is to make judgements about the goals which you have set and improve the effectiveness as well as take decisions where necessary.

It is encouraging to know that you are progressing with your plans, no matter how little the progress may seem to be.

Progress is the thing that can motivate you to stay persistent in achieving your goals.

It is important to measure your progress on the decision you have made because certain outcomes of the plans may not be exactly what you want them to be.

Plan to improve or change any that aren’t working out the way you expect. Look at the whole situation involved in the steps you have taken when measuring your progress to gain the whole perspective of the situation.


Your goal has a little chance of success without a plan. Successful personal development is achievable when you have a plan that structures your thinking. By using the process above, you will find yourself happier.

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