10 Simple Do it at Home Ways to Look 10 Years Younger than Your Current Age

10 Natural Ways to Look 10 Years Younger than Your Current Age

Aging is one of the natural signs that one can’t avoid. Yet, there are many foods and activities that will help you to age better.

Some signs of aging can get one worried. It’s sometimes discomforting to see you are getting older day after day.

This may even make you think to yourself if there is something you can do to limit aging signs?

Aging is something one should accept. With good body care and maintenance, you can avoid most signs of aging especially those ones that show up on face before the time.

Some people think there are no healthy natural ways that can make one look younger except for the use of chemicals and surgery.

There are many reasons that can make you look older. If you follow these tips successfully, it’ll keep you younger than your age without surgery and the use of chemicals.

Here are 10 natural tips that will help you to keep yourself younger.

  1. Reduce stress

Studies have proven that stress causes changes in the body which can make your skin start aging.

Stress of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol can cause blood pressure to rise to make your heart beat faster than normal.

Most of the health challenges that we face today are due to job pressures and other traffic jams which include anxiety, depression, anger, insomnia, blood pressure, heart attracts and many others.

Your everyday activities have an effect on your physical and emotional health.

One of the best ways to control aging signs is to take a break and rest, at least once or twice daily.

Sit in a quiet environment, try and close your eye, relax your body roll your neck, shoulders and take a deep breath.

You may not necessarily fall sleep but you can indulge in meditation and yoga just to control the level of stress.

If you are not getting enough sleep, it will surely show in your face. You must observe the changes and give yourself better sleep to avoid aging signs.

Sleeping 5-8 hours daily is definitely going to make you look younger and effervescent.

It will make you happier which will definitely show on your face and reduce signs of aging.

It’s also advisable to use aromatherapy which involves the use of scent to reduce stress. Studies have proven that aromatherapy can help reduce stress and anxiety in order to benefit from these tips light up a candle.

  1. Take more of healthy fat

Consume more of omega-3 fatty acids. This can be found in salmon, walnuts and most of the seeds.

Omega-3 fatty acids will help you to look younger because it has the ability to stabilize your mind, strengthen your bone and reduce the level of inflammation in the body.

Healthy fat also improves body enzymes. Healthy fats help to pull fat from your body storage for energy, also keep you healthy.

If you’re not getting enough omega-3 fatty acid from your diet, it’s better to source for fish-fat supplement.

Because omega-3 fatty acids will help you to reduce stress, fight anxiety and depression.

  1. Do exercise

Good exercise will not only help you to lose weight, build healthy bones, boost your mood, it’ll also make you to be fit and look younger than your age.

Walking for just 10 minutes can help to reduce stress and anxiety. It is advisable to make out time for a workout at least a few times a week.

You can run, walk, bike, swim, dance or do whatever you enjoy no matter how little it is. However small the exercise is, regular exercise can help you become energetic and younger.

If you find it difficult to snooze, regular exercise will help you to sleep fast. Avoid exercise during bedtime because it may make you too energized to go to sleep.

Men who exercise regularly are not likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction and physical exercise enhances women’s arousal.

You should engage in outdoor physical exercise because it will help you to connect with family and friend which will keep you in fun social settings.

  1. Drink enough water

Keep yourself hydrated. Researches revealed the fact that drinking a good amount of water is the natural way of taking care of your skin and health.

When you take enough water, it will help to flush out toxins from your body systems. This will prevent wear and tear of your skin, thereby keeping you younger.

A study has proven also that drinking a good amount of water can increase metabolism by 24-30% for up to 1.5 hours.

Drink up to 2 liters of water every day. It will increase your total energy usage by up to 96 calories per day. It will also help you to maintain your body stature.

It’s better to drink water half an hour before a meal so as to make you feel full. This will inversely make you eat fewer calories.

Do not over-hydrate but try and drink enough water to stay healthy and look younger than your age.

  1. Wear bright colors and correct accessories

Your dress has a lot to say about your age. Try and wear light colors dress because they’ll help you look younger, fun and vibrant.

Avoid all these black, gray and neutral color clothes. Spice up your wardrobe with green, red and many other festival color cloths. Warm color cloths will help you feel youthful and energetic.

Women should put aside matching necklaces and earrings and many other accessories that make them look more dignified and older.

Stylish earrings make one look younger. So, it’s preferable to go buy color earrings because it spices up their outfit and makes ladies look younger.

It’s advisable to go for manicures and pedicures regularly because extra hand maintenance will make you even younger.

  1. Dress well with body shape

Wearing clothes that bring out your body shape can make your body more flat. It will make you look slimmer, trendy and younger.

Men should wear flattering shirts that size them well without calling too much attention to their chest.

Try and update your wardrobe, avoid wearing the same clothes for too long. If you’re unsure of what to buy, try relating with friends, family, and sales assistant.

Alternatively, just go and try to test something new, you may be surprised the way they will turn out to suit you.

  1. Eat healthy foods

Good food can actually make you look younger and feel more youthful. It’s very important to incorporate into your diet good foods that will help your body organs and system to function very well.

These foods include oranges because it contains vitamin C which is sweet. It will make you feel younger.

Vegetable has vitamin C and many other essential properties that will keep your liver strong.

Yogurt has less fat; it can help your skin and give you the calcium you need for healthy teeth.

Eat berries because they contain antioxidants that can help keep your skin fresh.

Sweet potatoes and carrots will as well give you better complexion and good hair.

  1. Go for body massage

Go for body massage regularly at least once in a month. It can be done by a professional or anyone that has little knowledge about body massage.

Body massage can make you feel good, relaxed and release most of the tensions that make your body look older.

Body massage also helps to stimulate the secretion of anabolic hormones, which reduce aging signs.

If you are feeling tense, it’s advisable to make a goal of getting a regular body massage at least twice a month.

Indulging in yoga is also a general way you can promote a healthy lifestyle that keeps you younger and healthier.

Yoga helps you to take care of your mind and body, and reduce stress. It’s also a great way to get exercise, heal injuries, relax muscles and feel good.

  1. Don’t smoke

Smoking makes one look older than the real age. Make a good effort to quit smoking. If you are a smoker, avoid the habit even though it’s easier said than done.

Smoking makes your lips thinner and darker, your skin dryer and wrinkly dull. It will also make your hair and nails discolored.

If you quit smoking, it’ll make you much healthier. You’ll also be less likely to get health problems in the future.

Most youths don’t smoke or have the smell of cigarettes. When you smoke, you’ll have that smell which is a smell not related to youths.

  1. Maintain a good posture

Bad posture will make you look older. Slouching over like your grandmother will obviously make you look like a grandmother.

Good posture will make you look much younger and smart. Make an effort to keep your spine straight when walking and your shoulders up instead of slouching. Keep your face looking forward instead of down.

Good posture can make you look ten years younger than your real age. Try and keep your spine straight so as to make the verve cells function more effectively. This will give you more energy.

It may be tempting to slouch or bend when you’re sitting down or walking. It’s important, however, to make an effort to maintain good posture whether you’re sitting or walking.

Final Words

Aging is natural but it doesn’t mean it’s always pleasant, but these aforementioned tips will help to keep you healthier and younger.

Using chemicals as body care products and doing surgery is not the best options. Follow these natural remedies which are less expensive and harmless to keep your face and body shiny and younger.

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