5 Ways on How to Use Your Imagination to Get More

Before we further on how to apply imagination to get more in life, let me clearly explain what imagination is all about.

Imagination is the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.  In other words, imagination is said to be one’s ability to create new ideas in the mind.

The ideas formed in your mind may be pictures of events or external objects that are not present to the senses.

It goes in line with Napoleon Hill’s quote which says “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

To have much more imagination, follow this two-stage plan provided below. Begin to apply both right now, and you may practical experience greater creativeness in your life.

i. Encourage creativity

Encourage your creativity and you’ll improve your imagination. Obviously, this is correct of most points you need for you to see more in your life.

Encouragement can also work wonders, but how can you encourage imagination? This is very simple! Be creative in a particular creative field.

Become innovative by surrounding yourself with those things that caught your attention and made you think critically.

Imagination is actually the foundation of creativity and innovation. Certainly, it can be improved when creativity is encouraged.

Creativity can be expressed and supported in everything we do ranging from technology and science to arts and literature.

Working on your powers of imagination will help you think outside the box – a useful skill at both school and work.

In order to think in an original or creative way, you have to work on your power of imagination. Apply those useful skills you are conversant with both at home and in school.

ii. Coach your brain to get much more imaginative

You ought to coach your brain to be more imaginative. This implies that you should let your mind wander and learn to cultivate creative thinking.

Try as much to reduce the rate of mind distraction and then, give yourself a challenge of reflecting on lots of ideas around a problem at the same time.

“When your daemon is in charge, do not think consciously. Drift, wait and obey” Rudyard Kipling.

Do you know that thoughts can influence action to a great extent? It does, a lot because what you think is exactly what you create. Therefore, you have to practice mindfulness in order to improve the capacity for selective attention.

Now, we can now further into how to use your imagination to get more. You can possibly promote your imagination, and then, use it to get more using the 5 steps provided below:

  1. Take note of it

Every existing individual has hidden intuitive thinking. These subconscious thoughts have a tendency to give us much more of what we should pay attention to.

The subconscious part of your mind is actually what observes and memorizes information. However, when you pay no attention to the imaginative factors of your life, it simply implies that you regard your subconscious thoughts to be meaningless.

You ought to consciously notice when you’re innovative, and your subconscious brain will start providing you much more creative ideas. Just try to find out your imagination and you’ll locate even more creativity.

  1. Create an idea diary

You can promote imagination by creating your ideas down. Put your thoughts and ideas into words as fast as possible.

Start trying to keep an “idea diary.” Do that frequently, and you’ll notice that you often start getting a lot more suggestions as soon as you start to create.

Certain ideas may normally be forgotten, but by composing it down, you may remember it. In that case, your subconscious could work into it and could transform into anything very imaginative.

For instance, a writer may begin to gather ideas on the article to write next, perhaps while inside the bus. He will be so enthusiastic to get home and begin with the first page.

However, on arrival, some visitors are waiting. Such a person needs to attend to the visitors, which after has to cook and refresh before settling down to put the ideas in writing.

He or she finally sits down to write but, disappointedly, he can’t put your thoughts into words anymore. Does it mean that the idea was rubbish?  The answer is “No”. This is the point where a need for idea diary sets in.

No doubt! To write is to think clearly and thinking is hard. Again, writing is a form of creativity and creativity seems to change.

  1. Add creative ideas into exercise

For further creativity in your own life, begin adding creative ideas into exercise. If you are a painter, paint something totally different from your typical subject matter.

In the event, you sell properties, use a new method in your sales. Just taking another path to work to find out if it is actually faster can motivate your imagination.

Try out new ideas to improve your creative imagination, and you will get something new in return. Just get your brain functioning outside its regular patterns.

  1. Changing your surroundings can encourage creativeness

For further creativity inside your life, it’s mostly advisable to change the environment. Go hike up a mountain together with your spouse, instead of the usual garden sit-out.

If you are a writer, try sitting on a roof to write. Just as someone can get some imaginations by sitting on a roof and watch the sunset heights, so also a writer can get inspired sitting in a new surrounding to write.

Certain environments can stimulate creative thinking and promote imagination. Therefore, any change to the usual environment will definitely get your mind from its grooves.

  1. Share your imaginations

If you are targeting to use your new ideas to get more, then you have to share it out. When you share ideas with friends, family or colleagues, you will definitely find support in the direction you are moving.

Your imagination is the ideas you are able to create within your own mind. However, sounding it out can make you feel challenged or validated and again, find out what people think about it.

When you are challenged by people’s ideas, you will get reasons to pursue a promising line of thought more advanced than you consider. If otherwise, you will find support to narrow your focus.

Creativity Instruction

Start difficult assumptions, as an example, until it becomes a habit. If you’re looking for ways to acquire more say, clients and stop, “Should I actually need a lot more clients?”

It’s a question that implies other creative alternatives, like finding ways to earn more current clients or methods to cut expenditures. It can lead to more lucrative ideas.

Obstacle presumptions are a terrific way to acquire more creativeness in your issue fixing.

To drive a car to move, randomly choose whatever you see and inquire about what it can teach you about whatever difficulty you are facing.

A chopper may make you consider a way to keep track of where the vehicle will go whenever you give it to your children. Palm trees may lead to a new design for outdoor patio umbrellas.

Those two techniques are called “Presumption Difficult” and “Random Demonstration,” and they are timeless imaginative issue-resolving strategies.

Should you train your mind to habitually use these or other techniques, and supply it with a little reassurance; you truly can have a lot more imagination.


To dramatically improve your imagination, you should create imaginative brain practices. When you watch an excellent comedian, you’ll observe that he or she has educated her brain to look for the “various perspective” on everyday points. Why not coach your mind to do exactly the same?

When your mind is trained, it will be able to create ideas and that’s imaginations. These imaginations can further be applied to get more.

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