6 Week Body Makeover Program To Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight seems quite hard to achieve than gaining weight. Losing it within 6 weeks is even harder to imagine.

But, there are effective and reliable ways to lose weight through a simple body makeover program. This method has yielded amazing and unbelievable results within the first few weeks.

This 6weeks body makeover program is suitable for all dieters. People who want to shed a few pounds and those who want to shed as much as 8 – 10 pounds weight per week. In essence, it will also include losing excess water weight, and not just body fat.

This method of losing weight is not just centered on the reduction of fat. It also focuses on body fat distribution, energy levels and, other great benefits within short times.

This plan includes dieting, some exercises to help quicken your results and keep the body in shape.

It also involves other healthy practices such as the removal of excess sodium from the kidney, thus preventing water retention in the body.

What is a six-week body makeover program?

The six weeks body makeover program was designed and initiated by Michael Thurmond. It is a weight loss kit or package that comes with instructional materials, videos on exercises, dieting plans amongst other things.

The makeover program is suitable for men and women alike and isn’t just essential in teaching how to lose weight fast. But also how to maintain the desired weight after the 6 weeks body makeover is completed.

How does it work?

The main reason behind this program is to ensure that those who want to lose weight, get very much satisfied by the result.

And to make it work, the program incorporates some exercises, diet, and even other good health practices. All these speed up the body’s metabolic processes, thus leading quick fat loss.

The plan helps individuals to identify their body type by the use of a questionnaire. The person in question is expected to answer some questions as regards his or her type of body.

Knowing your body type is essential in the 6 weeks body makeover program. The reason being that it will help in identifying how your body reacts to food and its metabolic process as well.

Things that are involved in 6 weeks body makeover include:

  1. Low Carb Diet

Meals for body makeover plan include foods that are low in calories such as low carbs diets. They will help to reduce the total intake of calories, thereby burning more body fats and making you lose weight.

Therefore, for this weight loss makeover program to work appropriately, you have to start by eliminating all the unhealthy carbs or reducing them to the bare minimum. Possibly, you can get maximum results if you adhere to this.

Some of the bad carbs include white bread, white rice, and other processed grains, starchy vegetables, sugary foods, French fries, beer and many more.

These carbs will not only make you gain weight but can also increase the chances of developing diabetics or triggering an already existing one.

Some low carbs foods include legumes like lima beans, green leafy vegetables, olive oil, coconut oil, lean meat such as chicken breast, nuts, whole grain, seeds, fish, etc.

This plan also erases the mentality that eating always can cause weight gain, rather it says that the more frequent you eat (though in smaller proportions) when you feel hungry, the more the body is fooled into thinking that there is plenty of food more.

This bridges excess fat storage. Also, it speeds up the body’s metabolic process thereby leading to weight loss.

  1. Water Intake

The 6 weeks body makeover program also encourages the intake of water frequently. Water intake is one of the effective and easy way to shed pounds of weight. Again, excess water stored in the body is flushed within the 6 weeks program.

As funny and contradicting as it may sound, if you want your body to stop retaining excess fluid, you have to drink more water.

Apart from other health conditions such as edema, water can also be retained in the body when the body is dehydrated. This is because water stored in the body helps to fight dehydration.

So when you take plenty of water, it signals the body to stop retaining water. Additionally, it helps to speed up the body’s metabolic process, get rid of toxins, and make you feel full, hence functions as an appetite suppressant.

  1. Exercise

The six weeks body makeover plan comes with exercise guidelines as well. It elaborates on the kind of exercises required for a specific area of the body.

This guideline helps dieters who are targeting a particular area of their body and even those who want to lose overall body weight. In this way, they get a better result, within a short time and with lesser effort.

Dieters on this plan are also expected to work out at least 2 days a week through low-intensity exercises. Some of these include, but not limited to swimming, walking, cycling, and yoga for at least 20 minutes.


The six weeks makeover plan creates a better metabolic process, hence making the body to burn more calories.

The benefits of losing weight can’t be overemphasized, as it helps to improve not only the physical aspect of one’s life but also the psychological aspect.

Weight gain comes with many ill-health such as diabetics, heart attack, obesity, snoring and many more which is even life-threatening. So, this program helps to reduce the chances of having them. It as well provides dieters with better self-esteem.


The 6 weeks body makeover program is a little pricy, and some persons think it shouldn’t have worth that much. The price of the body makeover program might limit some people not to participate as much as they want.

It also involves much planning as well as preparations in terms of the diet, though the mapped out menus helps a lot in making it much easier and faster.

Risk and Precautions

This program comes with exercises that might cause muscle spasms, sprain and more. So, dieters are advised to start from less vigorous exercises, and then to harder ones.

Starting a new diet plan isn’t that simple and may come with its own risk. This is so because the 6 weeks makeover plans limit the dieters from getting access to some foods.

Such foods are milk and other dairy products. And may also restrict them from getting enough vitamins and minerals the body needs.

In as much as the weight loss plan promises a fast result, those who want to be a part of this should first consult their doctor.

This necessary so as to rule out any factor that can affect the person negatively. Some of which can come with age, gender or even weight as rapid weight loss can pose great danger.

As the plan doesn’t encourage milk or any other dairy foods, it is advised that the dieter should take calcium, vitamins and other minerals supplements. This is to make up for any deficiency that may occur.

Also, some might experience headache, dizziness and other symptoms which come with a sudden stop in caffeine intake as the plan discourage such as well.

Those who are on medication, but would want to start the 6 weeks body makeover plan should consult their doctor first as well. This also includes those with other health issues and medical conditions.


The 6 weeks body makeover program was designed to provide dieters with a fast result in the shortest time possible. This is actually if the instructions are adhered to.

And with a positive outcome, others can be motivated to try knowing they can lose weight within a short and without much effort.

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