8 Ideas on Becoming Successful and Progressive Through Creative Thinking

Many of us think that the aim of any culture is to improve people and things. However, it’s basically not easy to get used to new things.

It takes time; no matter how little, to get used to new technology or idea. Even the simplest things like getting used to new tools or learning a new food recipe requires time.

It’s for this reason that quite a good number of persons prefer sticking to the old method of doing things. They do so because it’s easier for them and they’re already used to it.

Obviously, on a daily basis, people repeat quite a number of activities. This can include dressing up, driving cars, eating, etc.

Additionally, people accept everything in the community in which they live. It’s a clear indication that most of these persons do these things out of laziness.

To become successful through creative thinking, you need to follow these steps;

  1. Make a curious observation

Creative persons are known to be extremely curious and observant persons. These traits make it possible for them to be different and successful than other persons.

Most of their ideas come through close observation and unending curiosity. They watch people and things to know how they can go about making a positive difference.

Even when others are busy looking at the impossibility behind things, creative persons observe to see how to possibly make a difference.

Most importantly, through serious observations, creative persons gather details in which they use in becoming successful.

  1. Create opportunity through your failures

Another very obvious trait of creative people is that they’re really ready to rise each time they fail. They try to search for opportunities in their failure.

They search for the reasons why they fail. Afterward, they try to come up with ideas that’ll make them not to fail again.

They seek opportunities in every situation until they find it. They question why things are the way they are and search for answers. These will enable them to think of how to help out in the situation at hand.

Definitely, it’s not all the plans you make that works exactly as you plan it. Noncreative persons will just stop at that failure. A creative mind will go beyond accepting the failures of discovering what caused it in order to improve.

  1. Enrich your knowledge

A very critical action creative thinkers do is to enrich their knowledge. They do so by learning. They read and learn in other to experience things.

Through learning, they discover new ideas that will be of immense help to their success. These ideas can be applied to their daily lives activities and properly utilized.

Also, by enriching your knowledge, you feed your brain and give it the opportunity to do more work. When the brain is active, ideas flow without interruption.

  1. Have fun

This is a funny secret about creative thinkers. Their success is largely dependent on their lifestyle. They don’t see what they do as work at all times. Instead, they seek for ways to make their experiences fun-filled.

There’s a popular quote by Pablo Picasso, he says that “Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”

The artistic nature of children is spurred by the way they incorporate play and fun into their activities. They have great fun doing whatever they want to do.

Creative thinkers are successful because they adopt that kind of children’s mindset. At their various workplaces or at home, they seek creative ways of being playful.

Combining work and fun makes everything easier. Even as you grow older, discover ways in which you can enjoy your time at work.

This will be easier and your outcome will be mouthwatering as well.

  1. Be persistent

To be successful in life in spite of your creativity, you need to be persistent. Successful persons all round are known to always persevere in every situation.

They have this never give up spirit that motivates them to do more. They keep trying in spite of all the difficulties.

They have complete trust in their ability. They creatively device new ideas that will help them stand the test of time.

Their continuous persistence turns them into optimistic persons. Because they believe in their ability, they also believe their ideas will yield fruit.

  1. Put down your ideas

Most creative thinkers today are unsuccessful because they fail to jot down their new ideas. Some write down their ideas places where it can be easily misplaced.

To be successful, get a notebook that you can’t easily misplace and then put down all your ideas on it. Keep and guard the book so that from time to time, you can go back and check if you’re following your beautiful ideas correctly.

  1. Be flexible and create no limit

Successful creative persons create no limit for their ideas and expectations. They’re always ready to be innovative and flexible.

As times change, they improve their creative minds and keep thinking of making create impact and difference in society.

Also, it’s important to advance your creative skills especially as things get advanced. This will keep you always on the right track.

Flexible persons find ways which they can apply a whole lot of what they know anywhere they can. They don’t limit their abilities to particular areas or things. They’re all-rounders.

  1. Don’t be quick to judge

Delivering quick judgment does not allow for creative thinking. This therefore should not be a trait for a creative thinker.

Successful and progressive creative thinkers are known to think critically. They observe, evaluate and ask series of questions before making their judgments.

They are usually open-minded persons. They don’t take sides when any matter arises. Instead, they make their observation and judge based on their personal decisions.


It’s very important to know that creativity can be applied in all of life’s endeavors. Whether you’re a businessman or a student or you do nothing, you can be successful if you’re creative.

You can always be progressive and creative. You only need to critically follow the ideas presented in this post. Congratulations because soon, you’ll start making the right change in society and your life.

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