8 Reasons Why You Should Give to Others to Receive Abundant Returns

Giving is an act of kindness, support, obedience, faith, and worship. We give to those who we believe they worth it and are in great need.

This act is guided by law and must run its course just like the law of gravity when it’s applied.

The law of giving and receiving is a natural phenomenon that applies to anyone who obeys it, whether physical or spiritual.

Giving can come in so many forms like donating to charity, offering emotional support, giving your time or volunteer.

However, what matters is the reason behind the giving (motives). That’s one determinate factor of what is going to be received in return.

This simply implies that the measure we give, whether generously or not, is the measure we receive.

For every act of “giving”, there must be a “reaction” of receiving. One good thing about giving is that we may not necessarily receive exactly what we’ve given in return.

But, surely, we are bound to receive a far greater reward which could come in different forms.

Here are 8 reasons why you should give;

  1. It is the right thing to do

When we do the right thing, our conscience is always clear and there is no judgmental feeling at all. It doesn’t heap the feeling of guilt which weighs us down.

Those who are selfless in giving find it easier to sacrifice their happiness for others, but to some, this may not be easy.

But the moment you start seeing “giving “as the right to do, do it selflessly and willingly. Even when others are not in support of you, it flows easier than you thought.

Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.

  1. Provides fulfillment

Giving is vast and isn’t all about money as stated before. Actually, helping people in need with everything possible within your capacity is “giving” and it gives birth to fulfillment.

It has been studied and proven that people who tend to help others by giving, in return, receive fulfillment and satisfaction.

Their experiences of fulfillment are greater than those who don’t give or give but don’t do so generously.

Certainly, this act makes them cope easily in whatever situation they find themselves, mainly, when things are not going the way it should.

Because giving must have taught them that no matter how hard things might be, that there is always someone who they are better than.

Giving doesn’t only come with fulfillment but makes you be contented with what you have at the moment while hoping to be better to give better.

  1. It feels good to give

Most times, when we give, we experience a kind of “good feeling” or sensation of happiness within us just at the thought that someone was blessed through us.

When we help people in our community by giving and sharing our time, energy, resources and so on, that act can stir a positive feeling, increase our self-worth, improve our wellness and mood.

And it has been observed that those who help tend to look healthier, than those who don’t and worrying less about their problems while thinking of how to help others.

And this can lead to a decrease in stress levels, improve anxiety and even depression.

This good feeling must the reason why people, who give without expectations and generously tends to give, and give more, because the feeling they get, cannot be gotten from anywhere else.

When you are good to others, you feel good as well.

  1. Increases happiness

This might be one reason, those who give generously, do so with a smile on their faces, because giving brings forth happiness, and happiness radiant from the inside to the outside with its expression on the face.

From the research, it was observed that giving or doing the work of charity stimulates the brain especially the parts that are linked with trust and pleasure.

It further went to prove that when we give, the hormone of happiness (endorphins)is also released and this can help to reduce stress as well.

This means that there is a huge connection between selfless giving and happiness, and has shown that giving makes one happier than receiving.

Seeing people happy by what we gave makes us happier as well.

  1. We give freely because we receive freely

Apart from the religious belief that whatever we have is not of our accord but was given to us freely to help others, some people do still have that personal belief that whatever situation they find themselves in has a purpose.

If they have the resources to help, it simply means they need to help, they see what they have as a tool to help those that need it.

They do not see why they would keep saving possessions that are temporary and may vanish anytime when there are many who it can better their lives.

This mindset is one of the things that can motivate someone to give, not in expectant of anything but with the belief that they were given to be used as a channel of blessing to those who weren’t given.

Aside from monetary and material possessions, you can give your time to those that need it by being their listening ears, you can give support to those that need it, and you can never know or believe how much the time and support you gave them means to them.

“Anything you do not give freely and abundantly becomes lost to you.” ~ Annie Dillard ~

  1. It attracts blessing

Giving attracts blessing, though it is not the only thing that does it is one of the things that can bring blessings to your life.

If you want to be blessed, that you have to be a blessing to others first, this means that you reap blessing when you sow blessing, because it’s just a natural phenomenon that whatever thing we sow is what we will reap.

Even the Bible says that that the soul which is generous will be made rich, and that he that waters will also be watered himself.

So before you attract blessing to yourself, you must have already been a blessing to others.

“The law of GIVING is very simple: if you want joy, you give joy; if love is what you seek, you offer love; if you crave material affluence, help others become prosperous.” ~ Deepak Chopra ~

  1. It expresses thankfulness

Whenever there is giving, there is also thankfulness.

The one receiving isn’t the only one to be thankful for what is to be received; the one giving is also grateful for what he/she has and expresses them through giving to be fulfilled.

When they give, they are thankful for having what they have to give; because they know that they wouldn’t have given if they do not have.

Apart from what we can do for people, giving gifts has long been one of the ways people express how thankful they are, show appreciation or grateful for what was done for them.

And as people will always say – Let our lives be full of both: Thanks and Giving.

  1. It creates a better community

As the popular saying goes – charity begins at home.

In as much as giving has no boundary, we must try to practice the act of giving in the community we are identified with.

There are different ways that you can help, such as by volunteering your skills and energy, donating money to charity, blood donation, mentoring, helping to build affordable homes for the poor and needy in your locality and lots.

Giving back to your community in whatever way that you can and no matter how little, has a way to touch people’s lives, create a positive change and impacts their lives.

Because we all benefit from the community, whether rich or poor, young or elderly, and the only way we return such favors or showing appreciate is to give back to the community in whatever way we can.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, when you give, let it not be out of abundance but out of the need to serve as a blessing to others and a way of giving back what was freely given to us.

More so, when you give, you’re indirectly sowing a seed for yourself. Giving more means more seed sowing.

And definitely, you’d be amazed how the seeds will grow and the plants turn into a forest of blessings so bountiful – only because you gave generously. “Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”~ Jim Rohn ~

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