Dare To Be Different – Ways to Stand Out From the Competition

There is a secondary university not far from our house, and I often see the students either strolling to university or waiting around at the bus stop.

More than 1500 students attend this college, but when I discover their whereabouts, I came to notice that there is a similarity that identifies them as belonging to that college. After some time I realized that it is their appearance that is similar.

Although there is no school uniform, it is their collection of clothes that nearly results in a uniform itself. Their colors of choice are generally restricted to three colors, not one which stands out or appears distinctive.

Virtually all students carry a backpack. It is actually uncommon to find out students who stand out by wearing much brighter colors or a different type of clothes.

This is a well-known example of the power of peer pressure, this type of force is important in the lives of growing children.

Ironically the teenage age years are the timeframe when kids are searching for who they are, how their identity is different from loved ones and function models of their previous childhood.

The ridicule and persecution of fellow pupils in school cause all boldness to conform or perhaps be ostracized at school.

However, achievement and notoriety arrived at people who stay ahead of the rest by their imagination, capability, and uniqueness to stand out from the competition.

A recently available example of this really is 21 years old Alex Tew from Great Britain. Recently in the month of August, Alex was about to enter university or college. Becoming only too conscious of the fact that many students find themselves completing their education with large debts to repay

He decided to try to generate adequate resources to cover his expenses. Whilst learning internet usage, he created “The Million Dollar Home Page”. The fundamental idea was that website owners could get advertising and marketing room on the home page of the web site at a cost of $1 per pixel.

The tiniest marketing block you can get is 10×10 pixels, hence a cost of $100. There are a million pixels designed for sale, hence if Alex succeeds in selling all of them, he could have raised an awesome amount in dollars.

In the deal of this ridiculous concept – why would anybody desire to spend to set a tiny graphic on the page of a large number of other very small visuals hoping that someone might click it?

I’m sure if he had sought suggestions from World Wide Web specialists he would have been strongly advised not to bother even to attempt such a ludicrous notion as there would be no hope of being successful.

Alex introduced the site after August and right away started to attempt to create click attention. This strategy proved superbly helpful.

He has experienced worldwide click insurance coverage over the past couple of months. And this has aided to spread the news about his website in a viral manner that is only feasible via the Internet.

Result? After a very short time, Alex experienced sales above half a million pixels – that means he has created above $500,000 in earnings in just 2 weeks!

At this particular price, he will achieve his focus on marketing millions of pixels by the end of the season. Even if he doesn’t market another pixel, he has still done superbly well.

Recently, he is exploring the U.S.A. on a press trip. Inside of weeks with this website becoming introduced and seeing success, there have been over 400 copycats trying to make a quick fortune by copying a distinctive concept.

Exactly what does it take to use be different, to stand out from the group, turn out to be important and encounter achievement?

What qualities make innovative frontrunners as opposed to supporters?

Below are a few of my ideas:

  1. Bravery to adhere to your heart and intuition

Certain qualities are necessarily important for one to uniquely stand out among his/her equals. If you have the perseverance to do something, listing as much as you can to all your heart and soul are willing to tell you.

As a matter of fact, paying attention to your heart is one of the qualities that make you innovative. Feel it, be ready to let negative feelings go, trust your gut feelings and then, follow your intuition.

  1. Security and self-esteem to stand by what you believe

You ought to be the person God created you to be in order to overcome insecurities. Do not reject your unique qualities, instead, have the courage to be different.

Trying to follow people’s footsteps will definitely land you into frustration and downheartedness. You have to win the chance of not being like everyone else, you will be absolutely successful.

  1. Not worried to get the approval of other individuals imagination

Do not border yourself to please people or even place your sense of worth into their opinions. You worth what you what not because of what people say or think about you, remember.

Therefore, getting worried about people’s approval or acceptance makes one a people-pleaser. Hence, they will have the opportunity to control your own life for you. Don’t let people’s approval or opinion control you, if you truly want to stand out.

  1. Willingness to get the first require a danger

Be willing to take a risk! Truly, risk-takers are always the winner. So, be willing and dare to take a risk to become an effective person.

In fact, a limitation of willingness may have severe implications for response capacities. Therefore, not being enthusiastic about making a first step may seem difficult to achieve success.

  1. Perseverance to follow through on the tips

Have the quality of being determined. Assuming Alex Tew, the founder of “The Million Dollar Home Page” lacked determination; he wouldn’t have fulfilled his dream.

This implies that, if you want to achieve your goal, you must persevere despite all obstacles. Continue the same course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.

Final Word

Dare to be unique for a purpose. Be different from others, this is the only way you can accomplish all your dreams. Forget the game of wearing masks or trying to copy someone else, don’t be insecure about who you are.  Accept your personality and discover what you have inside of you.

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