Desire Triggers Success: Ways of Lighting It up And Letting It Burn Strong

Have you imagined why a person can boldly step into a place irrespective of what he might encounter? The person keeps soaring high despite the obvious problems.

At a point, the challenges become enormous that the person wonders if he has gone nuts. People around him even begin to ask questions.

The only thing that triggers that kind of emotion is desire. It makes you exceed limits. It drives you more than you can imagine.

It only requires proper harvest and when properly harnessed, all you’ve ever wanted becomes yours. Desire is the only tool that triggers success.

  1. Develop a desire for it drives you to success

Without developing the desire for a particular thing, obtaining success for that very thing is very difficult. Desire can be developed through experiences or encounters and then held firm.

Desire is the only thing that accelerates a person to go for what he wants. It drives and pushes a man to keep going for what he believes in.

The length a person allows his desire to lead him depends on how steadfast the person is. It all depends on how strong the person can hold on to his beliefs.

Most people do great things, not because of their strength or because they are stronger. The only trigger to what they have done is the desire they have.

The truth remains that a strong will helps s great deal in achieving success. The secret remains that that strong will can only be triggered by desire.

This is so because will can’t go alone. Will is only triggered by desire and when lost, every other thing is lost.

  1. Satisfy your desire

The one thing that makes your desire happy is if you happen to satisfy it. Desire doesn’t take sides; it only needs satisfaction to grow firm. It needs to be ignited in order to shine on.

No one is born with a particular desire. We grow to develop and satisfy them. We satisfy our desires through what we perceive, hear or see.

If you see what you desire, you can make up your mind to allow it to grow. You can alternatively, allow it to die just like that.

Whichever choice you make relies basically on your decision after experiencing that particular thing. The action you take to satisfy your desire is what makes it meaningful.

  1. Introduce the object of your desire to your sense organs

If there is a thing that you want, to turn that you want into desire, you need to get that thing come to your senses at all times.

You can do so by letting that thing come to you. You can as well go to that thing as often as possible. The more you look at that thing, the stronger your desire for it.

For instance, if you desire a particular car, you’ll want to see the car over and over again. Mere looking at the car will make your desire for it to grow stronger.

On the contrary, if you have no opportunity of seeing the car as often as you can, the desire you have for that car will gently die.

Bring forth the thing you desire to your senses as often as possible.

  1. Physically touch, smell and experience the object of your desire

In addition to introducing the object of your desire to your senses, try to feel it. Try as much as you can to touch, perceive and experience what you desire.

If becoming the best in your field of specialization is your desire, associate with the things that can make you the best.

You can meet and make persons that have been successful in that field your friend. You can ask them questions pertaining to what they did to become successful.

You should as well take whatever advice you receive from them seriously. If there’s an award given to the person you seek advice from, touch it as often as possible.

If those successful persons have a way they dress, everyone in a while, dress like that. Always associate with the person or persons and learn all they do.

Learn their language structure, their behavior, and their lifestyle. Read everything you need to know about the subject at hand.

Even if it means serving the person, serve without requesting a reward. The person will even get to like you and his/her friends will in no time become yours as well.

The idea is to ignite the fire of your desire and make it burn stronger and tougher. Your whole mind will be focused on that one thing that you desire by so doing.

This principle/idea can be applied to all other things you desire in order to bring it to attainment.

  1. Get your desires come to you if you can’t reach them

In the case that you cannot go the thing that you desire, let your desire reach to you. There are so many ways you can do this.

You can either draw or get a picture of what you want. The picture will be what you will hold dear because you will be looking at the picture day in day out.

This very act will trigger your desire towards getting what you want. The picture will register in your mind and you will imagine it is the real thing.

You should make the picture as attractive as possible by giving a good design. You should also paste it in places that you can easily see it.

Your room and office are two good sites to have such pictures because you visit them more often. The one in your room should be in a place that you’ll see it first as you wake. It should also be the last you see as you close your eyes to sleep.


From all indications, desire triggers success but cannot work alone. It needs the support of a wide range of factors.

Desire serves as a power source for success. Just like a car requires an engine to function, that is the same way success requires the desire to be accomplished.

Once you have desired for a particular thing, you should be prepared to fight for its accomplishment.

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