How You Can Be More Appealing: Become Humorous!

Humorous guys are ranked third in the list of traits sorted by females in a newspaper survey. The first in the list of the ranks is appearance followed by their finance.

Therefore, apart from guys with good looks, and enough cash, the other kinds of guys attracted to females are those with a good sense of humor.

Scientists recommend that joking and listening to jokes can be of immense benefit to health. That notwithstanding, saying things that generate laughter can be of immense help mostly when on a date.

That great sense of humor will be of immense difference in your relationship. Guys like that usually have lasting relationships with their partners.

Basically, women are more fascinated with humorous guys because they make conversations feel lighter.

This is as opposed to dating guys with mean faces. Their conversations are usually heavy and this, in turn, makes the date very boring.

Additionally, ladies like guys who add up smartness to their humorous sense. It’s believed that guys who can turn a situation into a funny one must be really intelligent.

Certainly, there is a popular saying that ‘laughter is the greatest medicine’. This is true because as said earlier, laughter is good to the health.

It works on the feelings and makes one feel better. It boosts the immune system, reduces tension, eases muscle tissue, lowers blood pressure, and helps patients recover quickly.

It might surprise you why ladies prefer hanging out with guys that are humorous. Yes, they’re quite pleasant to be with.

For the ladies, it’s believed that every day with a funny guy is a sunny day. Should there be any form of sorrow; the laughter caused by these guys will work wonders.

The humor will be a source of encouragement to help them get back on track. They feel better with just those words.

Even without the best of looks, women are still very attracted to funny men. This analysis is gotten from research carried out on women.

You can imagine why this is so? Women insisted that such men make them very confident. They feel so much at ease talking with such men because they easily chuckle and can easily say their minds.

To wrap it all, guys with a good sense of humor make life easy. They can take any kind of joke the same way they easily produce any joke. They are generally easy-going kinds of persons.

To boost and improve your own sense of humor, follow these steps;

  1. Always look at the funny side of every conversation

You can easily promote and improve your sense of humor by paying attention to the funny side of all matters.

Focus on getting delighted with the laughter associated with all matters discussed. Try to ease the tension in every conversation by throwing in humor into the conversation.

Try to identify strange and unusual things in everything you do at least every day. this way, you will focus your mind on being funny at all times.

  1. Associate more with humorous persons

Another very important trick as to become very funny is to learn from funny people. You learn from them by associating with them.

No matter who they are, try to be with them and concentrate on learning from them. Figure out how they live their lives and how they behave.

Also, if possible get a notebook in which you write down lines of their funny words. Keep an eye on their funny actions as well and write them down.

Visit places with these fun folks. The reason is that as you visit those places, they might perform and as they perform you learn. You might even be asked to try out something funny.

By so doing, you have an increased chance of learning faster. They might be activities that you’ll likely get involved with. These will help you learn how to create humor the more.

  1. Loosen up

Often times being too serious or keeping a tight face makes people get scared of relating to you. When you’re like that, you find it difficult to exhibit even your natural sense of humor.

The best way of loosening up is to always keep a smiling face. When you smile and laugh at things, people around will feel the effect and do the same.

Truly, it would be insane to just laugh as you walk down the road. What is meant here is that you should easily laugh at people and the situations around you. Even if they are not so funny, think and relate to the funny aspect of them.

Most persons fail to loosen up because they are afraid of looking too foolish to people around them. They believe that be free and humorous seems too unnecessary.

You need to overcome this mindset before you can be able to deal with the lack of humor in you. Bear this in mind; being funny doesn’t mean you’re foolish.

  1. Read lots of joke books

Before you become good in school, you have to read. Reading broadens your knowledge. It gets you familiar with certain things that many others do not know.

The same way it happens in school is the same way it happens in all things. Most times, before you can be a better humorous person, you need to read books.

Read funny books to enable you to become better in the area of humor. As you read those books, try and memorize some lines from other people’s jokes.

Memorizing those lines will enable you to have ready jokes at all times. It will also inspire you to start working on your own jokes.

Certainly, it will serve as a clue to enable you to become a better humorous person. Above all, practicing those jokes will make you funnier than you were.

  1. Use humor to dissolve disagreements

No matter where you find yourself, whether at your workplace or in a relationship, always use humor to ease tensions caused by disagreements.

Trying to dissolve a disagreement with humor instigates humility. It shows you care. Above all, it unveils the weakness in the other person because they will feel vulnerable.

Final words

The most effective way or becoming too attractive is through your sense of humor. Yes, this very act exhibits certain things but it especially shows you’re intelligent.

Being funny can improve and strengthen your relationship. It can help you go far even in your workplace because you’ll not easily feel stressed. You’ll also be able to make difficult situations simple.

Try out the tips provided here and you’ll see yourself more humorous than you expected.

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