How You can Produce Personal Resistance or Smart Acceptance

It is not new to hear about personal resistance. What could be regarded as new here is how personal resistance works.

Resistance could mean numerous things to certain persons. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, resistance is the act of fighting against something that is attacking you or refusing to accept something.

Two sides of personal resistance

Resistance can come up in two sides.

  1. The first side could be resisting the desire to do something against your norms and values.

It could also come in the form of resistance to illness. This kind of resistance happens as an indicator that your body system is on the right track.

Your ability to resist things could also be a stipulation that something is wrong. At this stage, you need to go for a retreat. Question yourself and find out why you exhibit a great deal of resistance.

Being able to resist certain things will greatly strengthen you. On the other hand, you’ll get weakened if you fail to resist.

  1. The second side of resistance is the inability to adapt to change. Most times, this kind of resistance destroys the things we desire in life.

Most importantly, we desire things but refuse to admit that the things we desire might bring forth changes in our daily lives.

Resisting to accept the changes associated with our progress is very disastrous. It’s true that when we bring forth a desire, we design a way we expect the things we want to come.

For instance, you want to save up to be able to buy a house. To be able to accomplish this desire, you should be able to change your attitude.

This change will include avoiding impulsive buying or limiting your excesses or expenses. Because it’s somewhat difficult to do, when the occasion arises for you to do so, you begin to dislike it.

That dislike is somewhat emotional. You need to come over your emotional state of mind to be able to accomplish that goal.

You should always expect things far beyond what you imagined. This way, you have less to be afraid of.

The best ways to accept change

  1. Initiate the change

To be able to easily accept change, you need to try as much as possible to initiate the change.

If someone else does it for you, there’s a great possibility that you’ll find it difficult to accept. You’ll out rightly resist.

Always bear in mind that you’re responsible for whatever happens to you. Your reaction to any situation is either as a result of certain things.

It could be of anger; it could be of hatred or even of what you can’t place a hand on. It could be something you took little notice of.

  1. Work on your emotions

One of our greatest strengths or weaknesses is our emotions. We can allow our emotions to drive us or we drive it either.

Emotion is derived from a Latin word, ’emotere’, which literally means energy in motion.

Hence, emotion is the energy that drives us. Often times people try to get rid of unfavorable emotions. It doesn’t totally go away; instead, it heads straight to our subconscious mind.

There and then it creates a wall of resistance to hurting us the more. These unfavorable emotions bring up other unfavorable emotions to destroy us. This’s a result of the resistance is created.

How resistance works

According to Charles Fillmore “The greatest disintegrating element in the human consciousness is resistance.”

Resistance, however, works in so many ways;

  • It doesn’t stop us from receiving all we desire and want. It continuously gives us our heart desires
  • Resistance breaks up our desires into smaller parts
  • It disconnects us from what we want
  • It resolves our emotions and desires into component units
  • It makes us feel incomplete
  • It disconnects us from God who is the reason why we exist
  • It could bring quarrel among friends and family

The list can go on and on. The resultant effect is that we end up looking for whom to put the blame on.

How to solve resistance problems

The most effective methods of solving such problems include;

  1. Smart/creative acceptance

When people are faced with resistance problems, they get confused as to the best way to tackle the problem.

They come up with certain questions like; can resistance problems be solved alternatively? Can resistance be avoided?

So many persons will decide to just oppose resistance, while others will want to overpower it. One important thing to bear in mind is that; if you try to avoid or overpower resistance, you definitely create additional opposition for yourself.

The only solution to solving resistance problems is to smartly accept it. This is better than overpowering or resigning from the situation.

In the present day, people with new ideas are usually persecuted. This is done because they have a different view from what the rest of the others do have.

They are faced with many options which include; dumping their ideas, or to resist and boldly hold firm to their ideas and be killed for that, or to agree with his oppressors, or also to be creative and smart.

Persons who are good at the law of attraction relocate to places where they can freely air their points without unnecessary persecution.

  1. Acknowledge change

In life, people will definitely do things that’ll always have an effect on the way we live our lives.

They will make choices against what we expected. These choices will not just affect you but a whole lot of other persons.

Just like Heraclitus quoted “change is the only constant in life.” The change will continuously come. Things will change, people will change but what matters is how you handle the changes.

You need to accept and acknowledge the change to be able to successfully solve all resistance problems. Your life on a general note will be greatly improved if you’re able to solve the problems rightly.

  1. Observe resistance in your entire being

Your entire being; your mind, body, and emotions all have different methods of reacting to resistance.

Take time to observe these traits. It could come in the form of exasperation, uncertainty, limitations, constriction and so on.

Whichever way at which it comes in, critically examines your inner being and creatively accept resistance.


Consequently, it’s all your choice to either decide to produce resistance or smartly accept the situation around you.

Whichever choice you make will build your strength and character. It’ll make you attractive and far better than you used to be.

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