Read Why Consistency is a Magic Towards Achieving Your Goals

Consistency is actually boring, especially at the initial viewpoint. Although it is the secret of success, it lacks fascination and enthusiasm. However, looking more closely will disclose the fact that consistency is predictable, therefore, boring.

Certainly, achievement and success are rooted in the habit of consistent. It works more like magic as the key to life transformation.

Consistent behavior, as opposed to erratic behavior, implies sticking to behavior with no expectations. In this way, one behaves in the same manner that is equivalent to past decisions.

For instance, if you lack a fixed course in your exercise regime, it shows erratic behavior. Conversely, doing most of your workouts or all is an example of consistency.

  1. Consistency creates powerful habits

Do not neglect the power of consistent effort towards your success. When consistency is lacking, it implies that there is no habit. Therefore, have to start building habits all over again.

Remarkably, when consistency is been applied to your goal, the brain is provided with potent neutral networks. This is known as grooving in the brain, in which the brain gets adequate stimuli to create powerful habits.

In this way, your brain gets stuck to your target or goal. Consistency is actually the key to forming a powerful habit and sticking to it.

  1. The seeds to grow and the fruit arrives through consistency

The ingredients for success come in the form of consistency. No doubt! The most important thing throughout seed germination is consistency, henceforth comes the fruit.

Regularity, consistent behavior, and patient are necessary to achieve your life goals. Take a look at winning a lottery as an instance. Buying a ticket is the optimum requirement, and then entering the number is a repeated process that will bring about a good result.

In a US $162 million lottery game year ago, the winner is a woman who is always quoted by saying; she tried that same number for 2 years without giving up. Not once, not twice, but consistently for years.

This is what so many people can just give up after a few trials. But, she persistently deemed that her dream of winning that lottery would come true.

Consistency, then, may work occasionally in every sphere of life, even in the disreputable risky world of gambling.

A leading public speaking expert and media trainer, T.J. Walker,  remarked on how often internet communication breaks as a result of inconsistency.

Lack of consistency has also caused podcasts, blogs and ezines to fade off after one or two years. Either the expectation of the creator isn’t coming fast after a few efforts or lack of resources.

And then, they got tired of trying and gave up since the results of their trials seem disappointing.

The majority of marketing gurus persist that email messages have been sent to a list of potential customers 7times to generate sales.

Nonetheless, some entrepreneurs are impatient sending out even seven messages to their lists. Such people are less likely to win their customers’ trust and succeed.

Of a truth, regular and consistent efforts are required for any goals worth achieving. You can only win a black belt in martial art when you show up in all the training sessions. Make a consistent effort for all pieces of training whether or not you feel like.

From past experience, there is a student that was so dedicated to every training session.  This student was consistently working towards the goal of winning a black belt. Believe me, there was nothing like disappointment.

On the other hand, there were talented students who showed up periodically due to a lack of patience. At a point, they discovered that their effort towards achieving progress was too, they gave up and disappeared.

From time to time, I carefully observed the grading students of my martial arts and congratulate them often for their consistent efforts.

I always encourage them that they gave gone halfway to the achievement. The reason is that they have continued showing up and Woody Allen’s quote, “80 percent of success in life is just showing up.”

The efforts of these students have shown willingness towards their dreams. Yet again, they want to overcome the shame of appearing foolish they do it poorly.

It’s just a few persons can face this! A student once gave up for the reason that the grading was causing anxiety.

Queen Elizabeth II, the UK commonwealth realm is one person who has never failed to show up. For more than a half-century, she continued to show up at both formal and informal events, even in good and bad times.

It took her several trips to different parts of the world to accomplish here goals. The goal is being a commonwealth realm and servant of her nation.

She is now at 80! And her consistent effort is being appreciated by most of the country. Even the media admired her consistent devotion to duty. She was called “Elizabeth the Great” by one of the journals.

  1. Greatness comes when efforts are consistent

The reason champion leagues win championships isn’t that they win every match. However, they win because they play well consistently. Additionally, with determination, as a result, they come as winners in most of their matches.

One can successfully lose weight just because he or she is consistent with the regimen, both dieting, and workout.

For example, a bodybuilder builds muscle mass through his consistent effort at the gym. He does it whether he feels like or not.

Note, champions do not give up no matter how difficult it seems to make it. They keep trying even when they feel tired, bored or when outcomes seem painfully slow.

  1. Daily efforts are necessarily important

Habits are initiated by daily efforts. Thereafter, daily efforts become easier with habits but, hard work and determination are still needed to make it. With these, it can be easier to go after every single day no matter the situation.

Efforts should be repeated every single day in order to make your dreams come true. If you desire to keep fit or lose weight, do workouts, turn up in the gym.

  1. Avoid exceptions

Making exceptions can cause one to miss out on his or her desire.  What am I saying here? On occasions you make an exception, you are more likely to lose out on the desired behavior.

Certainly, it can be avoided. Perform your planned actions early enough in order to avoid exceptions. It should be done before the late hours of the day or probably before the family demands your attention.

Exceptions can be avoided also by jotting down your daily activities according to priority. Do this and paste it on the wall beside your bed. By so doing, you tend not to omit or forget any due to poor memory.

Progress is sure in achieving your goals when you make few exceptions. Additionally, repeating all planned actions will lead to gradual and more certain outcomes.

Final Word

Factually, consistency may seem boring initially, but you ought to be consistent in achieving your, even if not all, try to accomplish some.

By so doing, you will be recognized as a great character and person of value. This actually comes as a result of making efforts on a daily basis. That, at least, is a goal worth achieving.

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