8 Great Suggestions For Being The Best You Possibly will Be

Suggestions For Being The Best You Possibly will Be

Personal development is an ongoing process. No one is ever perfect, but making the choice to be the best that you can be is an admirable one. Here are some great ways you can improve yourself.

  1. Go out in nature at least once a day

Nature has a role to play in every life of an individual. Step out and do something you have never done before. Travel around and learn about different cultures. Go out and know what the world you live in is all about.

Going out in nature is a very pleasant experience. Nature soothes, heals, comforts, connects and restores our general well being. It reduces muscle tension, blood pressure, fear, anger and stress. Nature increases concentration and attention span.

Don’t stuck yourself in one place take out at least a day in the week and visit places of interest, it broadens your mind and makes you a better person.

  1. Concentrate on the present moment

Stop thinking about the past or the future and stick to the present. For you to become the best of yourself, you have to concentrate on your present moment. Forget about your past or what the future holds for you and deal with the moment you are in.

If you keep thinking about your past and future you will miss the present moment and the opportunities that surround it. Thinking about our past or future causes anxiety, stress, and depression. Live every moment to the best of it.

The present moment is the only moment that matters so much in life because it is the moment that actually exists in real life. It is therefore important that we utilize every moment of our time; catch enough fun, sleep well, eat well, associate well with people, work well, and the full taste of what the present can offer. The past has actually gone and it’s with its pains and joy, the future is yet to come and we don’t know what it holds, the present is the one that already exists and needs to be focused on.

  1. Get help with your problems

Don’t die in silence with that problem. Consult those that are higher than you. If you keep up with your problems it draws you back from achieving something for yourself and prevents you from living a happy life.

Talking to someone about your problems requires a lot of courage and you really have to summon that courage to speak to someone you trust. When you’ve talked about it, it reduces the burden you bear in your heart and releases you of a wide range of worry and makes the problem less scary and generally reduces your confusions and tension.

  1. Spend less time worrying

Worry divides your will producing energy and dulling your ability to pursue your goals with determination. There are so many effects of excessive worrying which is not good for our body such as insomnia, heart problem, stress and depression. So avoid too much of worry if you want to be the best of you.

Worrying actually shows you are concerned about the situation of things around you but continuous worry is a total waste of time. The time you consume in worrying is the time you should make the best out of your life. Work your best, play your part the best you can, enjoy your life the best you can and forget about those situations that cause worry because with time they are definitely going to roll past even without your knowing it. It is therefore important that you stop all sorts of worry and focus on your life and total well being.

  1. Avoid losing concentration

Focus on what you want to happen. Keep pushing on what you want to achieve. Focusing on what you want to happen will make you not to lose direction. It makes you not to be confused with yourself.

To avoid losing concentration, you totally need to stay focused. Staying focused can be achieved by avoid multitasking your brain. Perform a task at a time and then pick up another one. Another thing to do is to be mindful of your activities and train yourself to always stay focused on the task you are to perform. Training to stay focused can take a while but with time it works wonders.

  1. Make positive friends

The kinds of friends you keep affect your life a great deal. If you surround yourself with negative thinking people, you are definitely going to think negative but if you surround yourself with friends that look at the bright side of life and think positively, you are sure going to always think positive.

Get yourself surrounded with friends that you admire and people that support your ideas and are also productive, because definitely, you will turn out to be productive as well.

  1. Take up meditation or prayer

In being your best, have you ever considered meditation or prayer as an option? Take out your time every morning to pray and meditate on yourself. Meditation gives you an inner peace and also links you to your inner self. Meditation also increases your willpower skills and focus.

Meditation reduces your risk of being angry, it you happiness even in the unexpected places and situations, it deepens your relationships and helps you make friends easily, it improves your creativity, it increases your tolerance, imagination, tolerance and self-awareness.

  1. Exercise three to four times a week

Regular exercise improves your inner-self as well as your outer-self. It makes you to feel more relaxed and concentrated. Exercise helps to improve your mood and keeps you in shape. It sharpens the mind and creates discipline in the life of an individual.

If you understand the principle of physical fitness you can apply them in other areas of your life. Exercise increases your knowledge and discourages low-self-esteem. So if you want to be the best of you maintain a regular exercise and be happy with yourself.


Use these tips to spur your personal development. By following these tips, you allow yourself to change for the better; that will only lead to enhanced happiness and peace in your life.

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