Tactics on Discovering Real Love through Intimacy

A whole lot of persons have questioned if true love really exists. This is because they want to know what it means to be in a relationship backed by real love.

They wish to know if it’s truly achievable and how possible it’s to achieve it. It’s good to know that love is not as difficult as true love.

It’s a dangerous dealing to talk about true love.  A survey was made requesting from people seeking for true love what exactly they want.

Contrasting replies were given and most persons reply with ‘I have no knowledge’. Lots of other persons reply based on their various experiences. This also raises a whole lot of questions.

What is true love?

It’s good to be aware of what true love is. It’s more than so many things that we might think of it as. True love is above the love between parents and children, children to their parents or among siblings and relatives.

True love involves an emotional connection between two persons that involves intimacy and also last for a lifetime.

It goes beyond sexual or platonic relationships. It is lasting, intimate, always growing, transparent, faithful and accessible.

When does true love begin?

To most persons, true love comes at first sight while to others; it comes as the relationship advances. Sometimes, it starts when their eye contact stirs up something in them even before they get talking.

Even after the intense eye contact, the two persons involved would also have to talk. It’s through their discussions that they can either decide to be together or go their separate paths.

The kind of rapport they have as they discuss will be a determinant of whether or not they are suitable for each other.

The spark that comes from their rapport will help them make an analysis on their own. They can analyze if actually they can easily talk about almost anything if they like each other if they have the desire of being together etc.

Certainly, their rapport and excitement go to the peak when desire, sex, and attraction come into the relationship.

Which exactly is true love? Is it luck or destiny?

True love can be a combination of luck and destiny. In some other context, it could be any of the two.

Most importantly, true love usually arises as a result of a rapport. In this regard, it won’t be said to be a matter of luck.

Why? It is so because the two persons involved had an awareness of their actions. It was not a mistake or accident instead, the two persons involved allowed it to take shape.

Relationships are usually made up of joint efforts. The two have a purpose and they allowed it to yield fruits.

Consequently, as they were building their numerous efforts, they had a series of experiences that they had a joint understanding.

This joint understanding makes the relationship stronger and stands firm. You might even get to surprise yourselves by the kinds of words that you say about yourselves. You might hear ‘no one knows me better than he does’.

The very knowledge that someone knows you too well and that you can’t hide anything from that person gets you so excited.

What is the duration of true love? Is it possible to fade?

When you have true love, you want everything and every day to remain as sweet as it is at that moment. You’ll want what is happening at the moment to happen over and over again.

Let me remind you that true love is built out of intimacy. This, however, implies that, when you both continuously have that intimacy, true love will exist. But when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Your level of communication will determine if you’ll go on or not. Your experiences will also be criteria as to how long you’ll last.

Finally, the consistency of your communication will play a great role in how long you’ll last. Communication plays a great role in every relationship.

Is ‘being in love’ the same as ‘true love’?

There’s a great distinction between love and true love. Both can happen simultaneously but they still have differences. You should bear in mind that there’s more to true love than being intimate.

Firstly, true love lasts for a very long time while love lasts for a short time. The duration of the feeling will serve as a distinction between both.

Secondly, true love has a complete trust but love can have doubts. Yes, when you’re in a relationship and you don’t have that total trust in your spouse, then you don’t have true love.

Thirdly, true love is selfless while love is selfish. You can be in a relationship and think of how you’re going to do so many things all alone. If you don’t involve your spouse in your plans, your feeling if just love, not true love.

In true love, you can’t imagine doing a thing without wanting to get your spouse benefit from it. You’ll always get your spouse involved in true love.

Fourthly, in true love, you don’t seek reassurance but in love, you do. You’ll want to seek people’s opinion about your partner if you just feel love.

This is as opposed to having true love where you already know what you want and stand for it. You feel comfortable with the person no matter what the situation is.

Fifthly, in true love, you’re certain of a future with the person but with love, you’re not quite sure. True love will make you not think about the person leaving you in the nearest future.

When you feel just love, you’re not quite certain about the things you do with your partner as time goes on.

These and more are clear differences between love and true love. It’s important to know that when you feel either love, lust or true love, you’ll know.

As earlier said, intimacy plays a great role in true love. Your level of intimacy will determine if you’re in true love or not.

The truth remains that a whole lot of circumstances and situations will make you become intimate with a person.

The military, security personnel and persons in other forms of occupation who spend a great chunk of time together get really intimate.

When you have sex with someone too, you become intimate. Another instance includes when you’re faced with situations like disaster.

These instances can get you really intimate with those persons but it doesn’t mean you’re in true love. The level of intimacy in true love goes beyond these instances.


The information given above will help you discover true love through intimacy. You only need to get ready for the feelings associated with true because when it comes, you’ll be too excited to let go of the other person.

You’ll realize without letting anyone judge or inform you that what you feel is true love. Your partner will love you just the same way show love.

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