8 Tactics You can Apply to Be a Happy Person

Tactics You can Apply to Be a Happy Person

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length. –Robert Frost

It is not how much we have but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. The ultimate aim or purpose of human life is to achieve your happiness.

Being happy is an elusive thing. Most people don’t know where to start to be a happy person. Luckily, here are some effective tips to point you in that direction.

  1. Be honest with everyone you meet

For you to achieve a life of happiness, you have to be honest with the people around you. Don’t fake it, let them know the real you. Don’t lie in order to impress or get the attention of someone.

When you tell a lie, you start feeling anxious, unsafe, and disoriented, which are very bad effects that hinders happiness. Honesty makes you feel peaceful, it makes you feel free, reveals the beauty in you, it makes you live your life so easily, and brings out the courage in you because it takes courage to say the truth at all cost.

Honesty brings out the best in you. Let your relationship be built with honesty and believe me you will always be happy with yourself.

  1. Do things for others

Don’t be self-centered. Learn how to do things for others. One great opportunity every person has is to render a kind service to others.  If you want to be happy, practice being compassionate. If the person close to you is not happy, there is no way you can be happy too. Share the things you have with others and always make them feel comfortable and by doing so you are creating your own happiness through their appreciation.

If you want to feel very happy, try helping other people. If it’s possible, dedicate two hours of your time every week to help other people. By so doing, we enrich our lives and that of people around us and this in turn causes us to be happy.

Spend money on people. You can sponsor dinners or vacations or any other activities and afterwards, you will notice that your happiness is boosted.  Doing things for others also boost your self-esteem and also improves your friendship with them. The people you have done something good for will be grateful enough to help others thereby spreading happiness to the world.

  1. Treat yourself as you would treat a loved one

There is nothing as self-love. If you love yourself you will be happy with yourself. Always value your self-worth. Make out time to treat yourself out on special date. Love yourself as you would do to your loved one and you will forever be happy with yourself.

Always listen to the inner needs that you have and carter for them before catering for the needs of your loved ones. This way, you will feel utterly satisfied with yourself and automatically become happy. Honor your wisdom, respect your own decisions and follow your heart. This way, you become more attracted and happy with yourself.

  1. Forgive yourself

If you want to get ahead in life and live with happiness you have to free your mind by forgiving yourself. Letting go of your past and mistakes is the act of forgiving yourself. If you can’t let go of your broken relationship, failure and lack of ignorance; there is no way you can be a happy person. You have to forgive and forget and be a happy person.

Forgiving yourself is never an easy task. In fact, it is easier to say it than doing it and it always requires understanding and control of emotion to be able to achieve it. The best way to go about forgiving your self is realizing that your happiness is a choice. Acknowledge your mistakes and figure out the lessons learnt from your mistakes and then take as a life process. After everything advice yourself and determine to be happy after all.

  1. Do something you like to do every day

Another way you can be a happy person is to do something you love doing every day. Anything that you enjoy doing is a source of happiness. If are the type that enjoy watching movies, always make sure that you watch at least one movie each day as it helps to boost your happiness.

When you do something you like doing every day, you will be motivated and always be eager to finish up whatever you have at hand to return to doing that thing you like doing. It builds up your confidence, boosts your energy, makes you want to learn more and makes you enjoy life the more. All these things make you happy and eager.

  1. Write down the things you appreciate in life

Make a list of the things you are grateful for in your life. If you are not grateful for anything in your life, there is no way you are close to happiness. For you to live a happy life make a list of the things that you appreciate in your life.

Little things matters a lot in life and when you write down such little things like a hug, family, flowers, a smile, taking a hot shower, taking a cup of coffee, going to the beach, eating a banana, watching a program, eating your favorite meal and a whole lot of other things you will find out that mere writing them down and looking at them makes you a lot more happier.

So, write down the list of things that make you happy and look at them daily and try to increase your list often and then you will see yourself a very happy person.

  1. Smile always

Stop “trying” to be happy. Always be happy in life. Accept whatever life gives you and always hope for a better tomorrow. Always smile because the world is like a mirror; frown at it, and it frowns at you. Smile and it smiles too. Always be happy regardless of whatever you might be passing through.

Even if you give a fake smile, you definitely are going to be forced to make it real and smile spurs up happiness. Sometimes people frown because they are tired or angry but cultivating the habit of turning the sad mood to a happy one makes you a happy person for life.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise has been proven to be one of the effective ways of turning to a happy mood. Apart from the fact that exercise makes one energetic, it reduces stress, boosts your confidence, and releases the chemicals to your brain which are responsible for keeping you happy in life.

So, don’t say you don’t have enough time for exercise. Sparing a few minutes of your time either in the morning, evening or any other convenient time in your day to exercise can go a long way to keeping you happy. If you exercise daily, it becomes a habit and you will always look forward to exercise more and the period of your anticipation brings joy into you.


Use these tips to help you be happy, but learn as much as you can about yourself while you’re at it. The more you know about yourself, the happier you’ll be.

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