The Bond Between Gratitude and the Law of Attraction

Before I proceed, we have to, first of all, understand vividly the meaning of gratitude and attraction.

The word “gratitude” simply implies appreciation. It can be expressed in a different way as being just being grateful for an experience, something you have or someone in your life.

Gratitude, in other words, appreciation means to be thankful for what we already have. No doubt! The law of attraction is closely bounded with gratitude.

Attraction on its own is a quality or feature that evokes interest or desire. The Law of Attraction becomes the ability to pull towards you whatever you are focusing on in life.

It goes without saying that it isn’t necessary to attract things we want without showing gratitude for what we’ve already got. This is the bond between gratitude and the law of attraction.

Every living creature needs to be grateful for what he or she has so as to acquire the desired ones. Do you know that certain things you see as common belongings in your home are lacking in some people’s homes?

A lot of people don’t have even basic things like food, water and their own place to live. It’s natural that you want more, to improve your standard of life, but first, you need to feel gratitude for what you already have.

Actually, this should be a reason why you should feel gratitude for finding a place to live, some food to eat, some friends or anything else you can find. Appreciate everything you can have within your reach, to get what you don’t have.

Every day you wake up from the bed you need to be thankful to who made it possible. Think about the good things in your life, and then you should be thankful for all.

Appreciate your job, even if you don’t like it. You have to acknowledge the fact that many folks are out there seeking for a job, no matter how little it pays.

Probably, when you start your day with feelings of gratitude, you will feel good and you can keep that feeling all day long.

Be specific about the things you need, write what you want and believe it, then you will probably have it. Appreciate what you have presently, list the ones you need and visualize the manifestation, which is “the power of gratitude and law of attraction”.

When you start doing as described above, at first you might feel strange that you are using present tense for the things you want to have in the future, but it’s important to train your mind and force your mind to think about them in the present tense.

After some time of playing such “mental ping pong” your mind will obey and will help you to achieve the things you want.

Things you can start doing today, so as to be grateful in all circumstances.

  1. Always say thank you

Always say thank you, even if it’s for something very small. People fail to realize that it is so easy to be happy than to be angry. When you appreciate every little thing, you are creating a happy mood for yourself.

Gratitude can make one feel happy and better while the opposite can possibly give you a depressive moment.

Your happiness lies in your hand! It’s your choice to choose whether to be happy or unhappy. So, why not begin to appreciate every little thing so as to feel happy always, instead of unhappy.

  1. Make it a habit

Be grateful on a daily basis, let it be a routine. On waking up from the long night rest, appreciate it and say it out.

However, it’s also necessary that you should write down what you are grateful for. You can write “Am so happy and grateful that…” and then include what you are actually appreciating. Anonymous quoted that “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

For instance: Say “I am very happy and grateful that I achieve all goals I set this year; that I have wonderful and loving kids…etc.” Use the present tense, visualize the things you want, be grateful for them, and think about them as already yours.

When you achieve them, you can add new things to your list. When you write about money, start first with the amount you believe is possible, and then increase the amount when you got the amount you had written down.

  1. What do you want for yourself? Focus on that!

Strictly focus on what you do want in life, as opposed to what you don’t want. Understand that every step in life, whether positive or negative has implication(s).

So, it applies! When the center of attraction becomes those things you don’t want, you are directing your intuition to a negative path.

Get clarified on what you want or who you want to be. In this way, you will be directed to the right path you are supposed to take in life.

When you feed your instinct wrongly, you will get the wrong result. However, feeding your instinct correctly produces an accurate result, that is the power of attraction.

  1. Examine your imaginations

Be observant enough about the way you think! Try to make changes in your mindset. Be a more positive-minded person, so as to get inspired in all your daily experiences.

Are you always pessimistic or hopeless about situations? It’s high time you change your mind’s eye. Find hope, even when there is now.

Certainly, you have to observe the way you think and see things. This will enable make changes inside of you to see the effects on the outside.

  1. Constantly recognize that things are getting better

No doubt! When mindset improves, circumstances improve as well. Being thankful every day will definitely change the way you think and other things about you.

When this happens, you will start to observe the difference. In this way, you feel recognize the fact that things are getting better, and then, feel better day after day.

Certainly, everything about one’s life changes when the person is in a state of appreciation. Definitely, every simple and little things happening around you will give you joy. Even when you sleep and wake, you will be so happy that you do.

As a matter of fact, when you recognize that you are improving, your mindset improves and the situation of things around you will start to improve as well.

Bottom Line

You can only attract what you want into your life when you are grateful for the one you already have. It doesn’t matter your age, personality or religion, every human is susceptible to the laws governing the whole universe which “Law of Attraction” is one of them.

Conclusively, when you like what you have, you will possibly attract like. On contrast, when you dislike, you attract dislike.

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