Top 12 Effective Personal Development Tips to Enhance Your Life

Effective Personal Development Tips to Enhance Your Life

We keep noticing that sometimes people feel lost life. Such that they will have no direction or motivation, let alone discovering where there are going in life.

Do you frequently seek out to improve your personality? This post has a solution on how to find out identity and qualities, which make you unique.

Now let’s use a few seconds to chip in what personality is all about. Personality does not mean appearing so cute and attractive at all.

It is a broad term combining all the characteristic features that form an individual.

Most times, personality is majorly focused on motivation, behaviour and cognition. However, it has some physical functionality that speaks about you.

With these effective suggestions provided below, you can set goals, live a life of excellence and reach your full potentials.

  1. Know your true self

First of all, you have to understand very well. This will actually help you in every other aspect of life.

Before you know other persons that can help you make it, you have to know yourself.

There is a popular self quote that says “knowing others is intelligence, but knowing yourself is true wisdom.” Again, “mastering others is strength, but mastering yourself is true power”

When you fully know yourself and understand what you love doing, then, you can be able to apply it in your life to create amazing skills.

Similarly, knowing yourself will help you chose the right career; understand what you can do better and areas to improve.

With this knowledge, you can mix with the right people that will help you achieve it and move to the next level in life.

Without mastering yourself, you cannot align with your true calling or reach your potential. You cannot equally identify your weaknesses and strengths.

  1. Set your vision

Create a compelling vision statement that can help you in life, and guide you to achieve your dream.

A compelling written vision is like guidelines that one follows in life. It keeps you inspired, coordinated and gives you the power to you to build and clarify your life.

Your vision can be one or two sentences, which expresses your deepest desire for your life. This sentence(s) can give you motivation even in difficult moments to face your fears.

  1. Develop self-belief

When you create a vision, you have to strongly believe in it because you actually become what you believe.

As a result, you have to nurture positive views. You cannot possibly believe in yourself when your mind is negating your vision.

Lack of self-belief is one of the major factors people face in their individual lives. You can never have an ideal career pursuit or stick to habits if you don’t believe in yourself or your vision.

Probably, when you believe that you can do it, you will be free from self-doubt. By this way, you will be able to push out fears and work to achieve your goals.

  1. Write your goals

People find it difficult most time to distinguish between their vision statement and life goals. The difference between goals and vision is obvious.

Your vision is the clear picture of your future, while your goal is the specific target you set to meet your vision. While vision is associated with precise values and main concerns, goals can be set to meet your vision.

Therefore, you have to set your career goal, preferably in a piece of paper.  When you write you’re your goals in a paper, it will serve as a reminder of what you need to do.

For instance, you dream every day but thought of writing any of those dreams on a paper. Do you think that you can remember any of those dreams in months to come? The same applies to life goals.

When you target different things in life, you should put them in writing to make them realistic and achievable.

Have it in mind that your goals are ought to meet with the SMART criteria.  This means that they should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

By writing down your self-improvement goals, it clarifies an actual mandate that you really want to achieve them.

  1. Prioritize your goals

What is that goal that supposes to come before other? Know what is that things feel are most important.

It is of doubt that there are some life challenges which are more urgent than others. Just as it applies to scale of preference in economics, so it is when it comes to self-development.

When you have listed out your goals, you have to take your time and examine those goals. Check out for the most important and pressing ones that need urgent attention, and then handle them.

Goals are prioritized according to the order of urgency, relevance or importance. Also, consider if the goals you will handle first affect other areas of your life positively.

To succeed repeatedly and predictably, we need a pattern to follow. If you know what your priorities are it will help you take charge and order in life.

  1. Create an effective action plan

There are several areas in life which you may wish to improve, including your relationship life as the case may be.

No matter what area you want to develop, you have to create a plan of actions after making your evaluations.

Your action plan is the details of the intended steps towards achieving your goals and vision. Another key point here is that you have to be realistic about your plan of actions.

No matter what the plans be, have a strong decision to follow it through. Do not doubt your determination; allow yourself time to complete the task.

Planning is essential for self-development before progress can be made in any area of human endeavour. If you don’t have a plan you will lose direction.

  1. Stay with positive friends

Always move with the right folks, surround yourself with positive people that can support you to accomplish your goals.

Make friends with those that have the same ambition as you. Hang out with individuals that are more learned than you and learn from them.

Associate with those that encourage you on your goals and are always passionate to direct you on the step to take.

You can join a club. You’re more likely to make friends with people who share your interests and passions.

You never know who may become a friend, the stranger you met on your way can be your life long pal; have a good relationship with the right people.

  1. Keep a journal

Journal is accurately the handwritten evidence of what you were able to complete each day. Keeping a journal will help you to keep track of improvement.

It helps you to know when you are losing focus the goals are set to achieve. A journal serves as a reminder for your personal growth.

Journal helps to keep a record of your action and how far you have gone with it. It also helps you to know whether you are progressing or not.

Each day you wake up to try and state your daily goals on your journal it is called daily log. It can even be your new hobby, new skill you learned, what you ate, and so on.

By keeping track of what you do, you can be able to see if you are actually meeting up you’re your plans. If no make positive decisions, then, if yes, you know the next line of action.

  1. Quit your bad habits

It goes without saying that, bad habits are counterproductive in trying to improve your personality.

First of all, you have to fish out these habits before you can rid them. What are those habits that are negatively impacting your life? You can possibly drop them and become a better you.

Think of the advantages of the opposite side of bad habits. For instance, the health benefits of quitting smoking; the savings you will begin to make from the cash you spend on buying them.

Quitting bad habit is another major point in personal development. When you get rid of all negative habits, you can be able to reach your personal development goals quickly.

  1. Dress up well

Making improvement in your external looks is also a part of personality development. Your dressing speaks about you when you first step into a place before the people you meet will get to know you.

There is a saying that “the way you dress is the way you address”. Dressing nice, clean and cute in contemporary style make you appear magnificent and improve self-confidently.

Cultivate the habit of dressing decently in a professional set of cloth to improve your outlook. Dressing decently on neat clothes that are well organized can enhance your personality.

Don’t over mix your color, ensure that the combination is appropriate to suit the occasion, fitting just right giving you an overall decent and professional look.

Above all, before a person gets to know the chance to know you a little better regardless of the occasion, your dressing has already said it all.

Therefore, know it well, that dressing has a pivotal role to play on boosting your personal development.

  1. Follow your passion

Avoid choosing a career or skills that you don’t really like, chose actions that appeal to you and are in line with your values.

Stay with people you like being around with. Make sure you’re following your heart while not running from the hard issues.

It is simple and basic; do the things you like with passion and you will always feel happy.

If you follow a passion to please people, you will always feel frustrated and weighed down by common challenges that may show up.

Do not compare yourself with other individuals, instead, compare yourself with whom you are and do will not contradict your feelings.

  1. Stay happy

Look for ways to add more joy to your life daily. ‘Happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal’’ (Earl Nightingale).

Joy brightens ones thought and generates the power that will enable you to achieve your progress in life.

Having positive thoughts generates joy. It will profit you if you are positive and not negative in your thinking.

Always be grateful and put a smile on your face; you are adding joy to your life all through.


Making out time for personal development in your life will make you a happier person, and it will also benefit people around you.

You can develop yourself to become the kind of person you desire, and what you want people to see you as.

No matter the characters you possess now, utilize these tips above and incorporate them into your life and see results.

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