Top 9 Good Reasons To Start a Life Handbook

What comes to your mind when you first hear of Life Handbook? This is not like the book of life that focuses on our past deeds, rather it focuses on the future and is optimistic.

Life handbook prepares us for that which is yet to come, ranging from life set goals to purpose and dreams. And even ideas to make the mission possible.

This doesn’t dwell in the past and doesn’t care what crime we’ve committed, the negative experiences or what judgments that have been passed on us, and so on.

Rather, it is optimistic, as it tends to focus on how we can get a better life, by helping to design our lives in whichever way we want it to be.

So here are 9 good reasons for you to start a life handbook today;

  1. Makes you own yourself

Having a life handbook is one of the ways you can be answerable to yourself.

It makes you have set goals and purpose for yourself, as well as basic strategies to help you reach those objectives.

You create them for yourself and by yourself, therefore, providing you with a privilege to be your own boss/leader.

And when you are your leader, you will have to abide and stick to your opinion, have a better focus on your plans, and easily ignore things that don’t matter to you.

Because, when you see yourself as your boss/commander, then can you be able to understand that there is no other person that can be blamed for your actions except you.

  1. keeps you organized

Staying organized is one of the attributes that many lack these days; all blame to the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives that make us lose focus.

Being disorganized prevents us from achieving our set goals, meeting up with the requirements and so on.

But this is one of the things that a life handbook can help improve. It makes us stay better organized as we reflect on them always and daily.

Just as a to-do list helps to keep us guided in our daily activities, a life handbook, on the other hand, makes to keep us organized and focused on the task at hand.

It can either be done in the form of a hardcopy or a softcopy. What matters is to constantly have easy access to them so that it can serve as a reminder, while you follow the steps accordingly.

  1. Makes you strong and focus

One of the things that a life handbook does, is that it creates room for us to access our experiences and ideas.

It doesn’t allow us to retrace our negative steps but provides us with a platform to learn from it.

This is because, when we learn from our past experiences, it can help us make better decisions for the future.

There are times you might be faced with such similar challenges or another. Your experience documentary can help give you an idea of how to tackle it.

And this will make you stronger as you journey into your purpose, and also more focused on what is ahead than allow your past to weigh you down.

  1. It makes you optimistic

As mentioned before, a life handbook doesn’t care about our negative encounters, though it uses it as a tool with which we can learn.

When you write down your missions and set goals, in regards to whatever aspect of your life that you are working on, it focuses on the future specifically on the positive areas.

Such as on improvement, success, achievement and so on, and all these give you hope and make you have faith in what you are doing.

So you see, when you have a life handbook, it can help to change your perspective on things. Even when you have tried and failed, it will still give you a reason to try again and be positive.

It makes you optimistic in the aspect of financial management, weight loss, healthy living and many more.

And when you start seeing things from a positive perspective, it could be one thing that can keep you going till you achieve your goals.

  1. It provides clarity

When you are pursuing a set goal, clarity matters. This is because it helps you to understand what is needed to be done, and at what time.

Your life handbook provides you with information on the right things to do, and according to priority.

Because with the numerous engagements you might be attached too, you might be distracted or confused when you through the manual.

This is why a life handbook should be kept as simple as possible, for easy and better understanding.

  1. Gives your life a purpose

There are people who do not have a specific purpose in life.

Their arms are wide open for anything that comes their way, which might be good, but certainly, there won’t be many directions or even any at all.

A life without purpose lacks direction, as you can be easily tossed around as the wind does to the dry leaves.

This is one of the reasons to start a life handbook today, as it will give you not just purpose but also direction on how to achieve it.

It provides you with a hint of what you want when you want it and how you want it. And with such purpose, your life will be more meaningful.

  1. Improves habit

For someone who has a set goal for a better lifestyle, a life handbook or manual will help you to accomplish it.

This is because; it will give you the opportunity to state your purpose, which might be to stop drinking, sleep better or eat healthily.

It goes a long way for you to state its effect on you and how you can prevent it, as it will help to keep you in track and keep you off those unhealthy habits.

And also help you to implement the practices that will help you achieve your aim. So literally, it can help one improve their habit or develop a new one.

  1. Changes the mindset

When you have set goals for success with plans and strategies on your manual, there is no way your mindset can remain the same as before.

Because when you look at your life handbook, you see imaginary success, you think positively and act better. It will also give you a reason to be a better version of yourself.

One sure thing is that you can’t pursue a purposeful life while still under the influence of a negative mindset.

No, it doesn’t work that way. This kind of mission needs a positive mindset to succeed.

In fact, your mindset is the first thing that changes when you make such decisions before you even start working on it.

  1. Makes you a great achiever

One of the most important aspects of having a life handbook in the first place is to help us achieve our goals.

Sometimes, challenges might come, reasons to stop might arise, and the fear of the past and uncertainty might overcome us.

But all in all, a life handbook will help you to move forward.

This is because it makes you learn from your experience and use them to build your future.

For example, if you want to lose weight but have a pretty bad experience of regaining them again, this is where a life handbook can help.

It erases discouragement and doesn’t make you see your shortcomings as invasive; giving you the power to overcome and prove that negativity wrong.

And that is the spirit of a great achiever – skipping hurdles to reach your purpose.

So you must have now understood why it is important to have a life handbook. And in case, you might be wondering how to start, it’s just a simple procedure.

Below is a simple guide on how you can create a life handbook;

  • Recognize your mission: This means that you have to identify what your missions are, which is very important.

This will also include your set goals, your inspiration such as a quote, your strength, and values.

  • Acknowledge failures: This makes it possible for you to be able to have a defense mechanism, in case of expected and unexpected challenges, to know how to avoid them.

This can include your experiences, areas of improvement, and the consequences of anything action you might take.

  • Create the manual: Put down everything in the manual, and make sure it’s as simple and clear as possible.

And arrange the mission (purpose) according to priority with their strategic procedures.

  • Review your manual: When you are done, let any of your friends, loved ones or family members who know about your mission help you to review it, and give you feedback.

You have to make sure, that the manual is readable (clear) so that the readers can understand and easily help you evaluate it.


A life handbook acts as a guide to direct us to the right path and makes our dreams achievable, and prepared for the uncertainty.

So, in whatever situation you might find yourself as regards career, relationship and so on, that needs direction and purpose. You can use a life handbook to redirect yourself to the right path.

And just as a TV manual serve as a guide on how to operate it, alife handbook is the manual to make YOU reach your goals.

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